About Rosali Company® i  Rosali Beauty®

Starting from the local business, no one, not even the owner, assumed that a few years later Rosali Company® would be an international brand. The history of the company began in 2012 and at the very beginning it was only a beauty salon. Everything changed the transformation of the business into a training and service point in 2013. Which meant that over the course of three years, the owner spent more time training herself personally as performing services. But taking care of customer satisfaction in her offices, she had one of the best trained personnel and the highest quality of services. The decision to open a point in Berlin was the most groundbreaking not only for the business but also for the owner. The year 2016 brought activity to a new form of business and from that moment the owner had a training and service professional team in his facility. Focusing on management, she created an international brand known for its excellent prodessional team, the highest quality of services and the most sought-after trainers.  Rosali Company® is not only an activity is a brand with a soul, created by people, contractors and business partners. Currently, the operation since 2019 no longer has a facility in Berlin, but after so many years of work in the field of cosmetics and in cooperation with partners and contractors, the development of a new international investment for 2022 is already underway. Until then, the activity will be focused on the training field in its industry, partner workshops and, of course, retail sale of cosmetic products.

About me

My name is Aleksandra and I am a graduate of Management Psychology. Going in this direction, I did not plan my future in the cosmetics industry, to which I devoted the last years. In the middle of my studies, I decided to do an additional faculty in the field of cosmetics. Which resulted in the defense of the diploma and specialized title in one year. Following the blow, I took the exam for an international specialist, which, as it turned out, a few years later enabled a lot of my activity and myself. Since 2012 I have completely devoted myself to my activity. I am grateful to myself for creating Rosali Company® and Rosali Beauty® because it gave me an amazing experience.

Having the basics and building my brand from scratch, I have come an incredibly long and hard way. Thanks to which I was enriched with experience and skills. Years of cooperation and work in the field of cosmetics have enabled me to do an incredible lot for which I am grateful every day. I got to know a field that at the time I started was a relatively virgin industry when it came to management and branding. Most of the companies were usually local companies, the first training centers, larger service facilities, aesthetic medicine facilities were just being established. I had to start at the time of the development of this industry, seeing the first steps not only by me but also at all business partners, cosmetic companies, students, employees and competitors. We were actually pioneers of how this market was changing, and we were with it. Our field is incredibly progressive but it also showed shortcomings that I have corrected many times as a trainer. I believe that the basis of a good trainer, training point and manager is to know your field from scratch. To be proficient practically and theoretically because then we sign another specialist with our name.

Aleksandra Dudojc

  • Graduate of Management Psychology and Cosmetics
  • Founder of Rosali Company® and Rosali Beauty®
  • Founder and originator of the International Training Center
  • International Instructor
  • Laurat compete Entrepreneurial Women
  • Author of industry and psychological articles
  • Master Educator of the Cosmetics Industry in the Field of Care & Business
  • Organizer of workshops and trainings of innovative beauty industry
  • Organizer of workshops and industry trainings
  • The organizer of the author's workshop "high heels are for women, not women for high heels".
  • Originator and owner of own perfume brand
  • Author and owner of blog