Rosali Company® is not just a company

It is an exclusive international brand created since 2012

Rosali Company®

The company was founded in 2012, originally being as a local business. Becoming a brand and pioneer on the scale of international markets incredibly quickly. Already at the turn of 2014, the activity expanded it's reach to the German market, transforming into an international cosmetics and training institute.
Unlike other activities and brands in its field, Rosali Company® is an innovative form of cosmetics business. A combination of beauty activities with branding, training and trade.
In recent years, Rosali Company® has cooperated or continues to cooperate with such brands as Klapp Cosmetics, BABOR, Souvre, AHAVA, HIKARI Cosmetics, Miss Lashes, Dr Norel, DERMIKA Salon & Spa, Charmine Rose. With have a reputation as innovative brands and leaders in the cosmetics industry on an international scale.

Own production by Rosali Company®

The year 2020 was quite difficult not only for the cosmetics industry but also for others. For Rosali Company® meant the implementation of the project of it's own perfume line, developed since 2019. Which was an incredibly brave and risky move. But the company decided to create a line with a unique fragrance note, competitive with already known brands. Products with the signature "POLISH PRODUCT", high quality.
The introduction of the BASIC AX Poland® collection turned out to be a phenomenon and currently enjoys quite a lot of interest among foreign partners. The company, in order to meet its customers, currently has partner points and direct sales as well as online sales.
The BASIC collection consists of three phenomenal women's fragrances, each in a different note. And a unique three perfumes for men. The collection has been developed to reach a wider audience and give customers diversity.
In addition, the company creates a unique line of PREMIUM collections, which is a limited series in cooperation with celebrities and well-known brands.
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