AX Destiny Famme 50 ml

The fragrance seduces with the juicy essence of black currant, a sweet exciting variety of pear not found before in the production of other fragrances. The fragrance hides a combination of beauty that makes it worn by women living according to their own rules, which are as unique as the aroma of our perfumes.

Top note: pear, black currant
Heart note: iris, jasmine, Sicilian orange blossom
Base note: tonka bean, chocolate, patchouli, vanilla

Lady AX 50 ml

Lady AX is said to be like a diamond divided into fragments, the parts of which complement each other, creating a full harmony of the whole. Classics with an oriental touch.

Top note: cedar, rose, oriental jasmine
Heart note: sicilian mandarin, vetiver
Base note: magnolia, honeysuckle, nenufar, Bouronic vanilla

Angel Kiss 50 ml

Aromatic flowers, blueberry and delicately spicy pink pepper smoothly passes into a tempting aroma. The captivating effect of black violet, oppressor and developed cocoa flowers as well as at the base of the composition of the massos tree, exotic patchouli and intensely sweet vanilla from Tahiti. They initiated our composition to such a unique note as Angel Kiss.

Top note: pepper, Indian tamarind, cranberries
Heart note: green font, cocoa, violet
Base note: vanilla, patchouli

AX Destiny Man 50 ml

The sales leader of the Basic collection distinguished for its uniqueness durability and note. It is a fragrance for active men, representing strength and masculinity, giving a hint of refreshment like a sea breeze. It has a pronounced sea aroma with an admixture of woody notes.

Top note: grapefruit, sea notes, Sicilian mandarin
Heart note: jasmine, bay leaf
Base note: guaiac wood, mint, amber, patchouli

Lord AX 50 ml

The first fragrance produced by the BASIC collection is significantly different from other men's fragrances. Our Lord AX was created for individual and self-confident men.

Top note: blood orange, grapefruit, peppermint
Heart note: rose, cinnamon, wiskey
Base note: patchouli, white wood, amber

Gentleman AX 50 ml

It is a fragrance ideal for gallant and elegant men, for business men. The combination of classics and modernity is a great complement to the charisma and temperament of men of the XXI century. Gentleman is an elixir of independence and style. A timeless fragrance with an attractive aura of eroticism and unusualness that no one can resist.

Main note: grapefruit, basil, coriander
Heart note: cardamom, ginger, Italian orange blossom
Base note: amber, tobacco, cedar