Rosali Beauty® by Aleksandra Dudojc

International Institute of Cosmetics and Training

Rosali Beauty® is not only an activity, but a well-developed brand

Since 2012 Rosali Beauty® Aleksandra Dudojć has created three facilities of professional beauty and cosmetology offices closely cooperating with medical clinics. The main facility was located in Berlin and two points in Poland. At the headquarters located on Uhlandstraße in Berlin, next to Kurfürstendamm Straße, also known as Ku'Damm, was the company's main training center.
In 2016, the company sold its branches in Poland. In the same year, in cooperation with partners, they expanded and created an innovative cosmetology and training point in Berlin.  Rosali Beauty® has become a brand in demand for all trainings, conferences, seminars, workshops of the Beauty industry. Organized internationally and in Germany due to having some of the best specialists, trainers and one of the best training programs and facilities. An additional advantage and advantage of Rosali Beauty® was the organization of trainings in a more extensive language offer. Until 2019, the facility was listed on the list of top best Beauty points. In August 2019, the owner of Rosali Beauty® decided to sell the point and return to Poland. 
Currently, the company has been producing its own perfumes since 2020, but a new project of the international facility is planned for 2022.


In our offer we have a very extensive program and offer. From professional industry training for professionals to workshops for consumers.

Beauty Salon

Currently, last Rosali Beauty® Salon Berlin, has been sold in 2019. A new project is planned for 2022.

Sale of Cosmetics

Over the past years, we have developed forms of commercial cooperation with our partners. And for our customers we have the ability to register and make online purchases directly from our partners companies.

In our salons we had as one of the first the most innovative treatments and devices on the market

In recent years, we have introduced a lot of novelties on international markets as partner salons, training points, being pioneers of new trends. We did not recognize substitutes and Rosali Beauty® built its position and reputation as a brand with original technologies and products. In addition, as one of the few we could boast of having authorizations directly from manufacturers and partner companies.

Brands with which we have worked or continue to work since 2012.

For Rosali Beauty® from the very beginning the most important thing was to build our brand based on a qualified specialists and trainers. In our points, customers have found professionalism, innovation and guarantees of the best quality of services and products.
In recent years, our brand has also become famous for its guarantee of preparation and training of the best specialists and trainers in the field of cosmetics on international markets.