Updating the training offer!

We apologize for the inconvenience until 12.10.2021 we are updating the offer and the possibility of previewing the program is blocked as well as the purchase options of the courses are suspended. All inquiries should be sent to  rosali.courses@rosalicompany.pl Telephone contact and contact with the training department will be possible after 12.10.2021.
We apologize most strongly for the inconvenience.

Rosali Courses® by Aleksandra Dudojc

Since 2013, we have been building a training program for professionals and lovers of the cosmetics industry. Carefully developing every aspect and adapting to the needs of international markets.

Cosmetic workshops

Since 2013, we have been organizing Rosali Workshops for everyone. These are unique workshops organized by us internationally. At such a meeting, participants can wait for such topics and elements as care, novelties, premieres of treatments / products, we present one of our partners with whom we organize a meeting. And there is always a special guest from outside our cosmetics industry with us so that the meeting brings something unique. At the workshops organized by us, participants can make pre-premiere purchases or buy products offered by a partner or from the special guest. Of course, receiving a special discount for participation on the day of the workshop.

Due to organizational changes from 2021, we decided to limit the number of participants to 35 people. Therefore, in order to meet such a drastic reduction in the number of purchased tickets, we plan to perform the Rosali Workshops tour by repeating editions with our partners in various cities / countries.

Cosmetic Business Training

We have created our own original program in cooperation with our partners. Aimed at helping in the development and building of business or from scratch to correct and improve what is already functioning.   Thanks to him, we have taught our attendees how to secure their business, how to plan and control exactly. And how to reconcile sales along with offering other services. Thanks to our experience and advice, we can confidently boast that to date, no point we have run on an international scale has closed or suspended its operations. The cosmetics industry is divided into specific segments, which is why we have the following programs:

  •  Cosmetics business - service sector
  • Cosmetics business - commercial sector
  •  Cosmetics business - training sector
  •  Cosmetics business - for owners

Training for Professionals

Our training for Professionals can only be attended by people who have a document of graduation from a university in the field of beauty industry, vocational school or have completed a full training process with a state exam in a Craft institution.
If you do not have such permissions, we cordially invite you to our BASIC training program for beginners who want to take their first steps in the beauty industry.

Training for lovers of the cosmetics industry

We were one of the first to meet the needs of lovers of the cosmetics industry. Offering a wide range of issues to help with home care. As well as we have created a program for people without professional preparation to receive the necessary ABC in case of desire or planning their future with the cosmetics industry in the commercial sector